Global Jam2Grow Rhythms

Global Jam2Grow Rhythms


Richard Noel, a recording artist, a music producer, musical director, master percussionist, musical therapist and educator brings to you the most authentic and unforgettable joyful musical experience with his new mix “Global Jam2Grow Rhythms”. The artist integrates various percussion instruments effortlessly into diverse compositions together with vocals. He also combines the Caribbean musical elements of his homeland Trinidad and Tobago using stylistic rhythms to transport the audience into a festive and JOYOUS EXPERIENCE. Richard Noel and the Jam2Grow team believe lives are rejuvenated through interactive rhythmic percussion because it offers a safe and creative outlet for the expression of joy and transformation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people: My lovely wife Pauline Noel, Family, Jam2Grow Director Sherrie Cox, and exclusive Graphic Artist Eric Piggott and the Almighty GOD, my source of life. - - - Richard Noel.

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