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OM Rhythmic Meditation

OM Rhythmic Meditation


OM…  is the song of the universe. It is considered to be the cosmic sound, mystical syllable, or an affirmation to the divine. The symbol of awe, of reverence, and the vehicle of deepest knowledge. Om is considered the most sacred mantra and is a spiritual incantation made before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, during private prayers, meditation, ceremonies and rites of passage. It symbolizes three worlds of time within the Soul – past, present and future eternity. The three divine powers – creation, preservation and transformation into one Being. And the three essences into one Spirit – immortality, omniscience and joy. Meditating with the syllable Om unleashes the concealed fire of introspection and consciousness within a person’s essential being by resurrecting the soul. It’s ethereal yet earthy, sacred and holy, It’s the universal language. OM inspires the good inclinations within each person that links to the highest form of self. It is the symbol for the perfected Spiritual Man.

I would like to give special thanks to my business partner and music producer Richard Noel of “Jam2Grow”, also, graphic artist and multimedia specialist Eric Piggott of “9 Element Design”. To my family and friends for supporting my passions along my journey. Ultimately, the embodiment of my life force for the celestial essence of music and the spirit of dance within my soul. - - - Sherrie Cox

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