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Tongue Drum
  • Tongue Drum

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    Tongue Drum is a unique percussion instrument that is believed to have originated from ancient Tibetan and Nepalese cultures. It is a handcrafted instrument made of high-quality materials and is known for its rich and deep sound. Tongue Drum is designed to produce a long-lasting, resonant sound that can be used for meditation, yoga, and sound therapy.

    One of the unique features of the Tongue Drum is its size and shape. It is a large drum with a rounded base and a flat top. The drum is typically made of high-quality materials such as brass, copper or bronze, and is often adorned with beautiful designs and symbols.

    The Tongue Drum is played by striking the flat top with a soft mallet or by using your hand to produce a deep and resonant sound. The sound produced by the Tongue Drum is said to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body, making it an ideal instrument for meditation and mindfulness practices.

    Overall, the Tongue Drum is an excellent instrument for anyone looking to enhance their meditation or yoga practice. Its unique sound and design make it a valuable addition to any sound therapy or relaxation practice.

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