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Richard Noel

Founder • CEO •  Keynote Speaker • Keynote Speaker • Master Percussionist Facilitator • Crisis Care Therapist • Music Producer


My Why?

Richard Noel, was born and raised in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. As a child, it was there that he Became fascinated  with drumming and global rhythms. Drumming with his family and community was simply a part of daily life on the islands.  As a young adult pursuing a career in aerospace engineering, Richard and his family relocated to the United States in 1998.

Currently as a REMO endorsed facilitator, Richard has also taken his expression to the corporate world as a motivational and inspirational tool. The audience is liberated through fun filled rhythmic techniques to enhance personal and professional development and strategic coaching intervention. He has also facilitated corporate  professional development seminars with "Toastmasters International", "San Diego Miramar College", "Los Angeles Southwest College", "Xango USA" and "Freedom Smoke USA". He is also an active member of "SunRisers Toastmasters" and the "Festivals Event Association of  Southern  Arizona". 

Richard has had a lifetime experience in bringing percussion to positively influence people by providing them with a rhythmic experience they will never forget. He encourages community reconciliation and also assists in rejuvenating the lives of the community through the use of music and rhythms in a safe empowering and creative outlet for expression and healing. Richard is also a music therapy percussionist facilitator for the "The Fountains Assisted Living Center" by the "Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance”. In addition, he has worked with the "Refugee Focus Tucson", "International Refugee Committee", and "Armory Park Senior Center”. Richard also serves as an in home crisis care therapist for at risk youth. 

Richard has a heartfelt dedication for sharing his gifts with all audiences who have the good fortune of experiencing his  empowerment seminars, therapy programs and live performances

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